Tour Our Dental Office Corinth

Inspired By History, Adorned with Comfort & Innovation

Our dental office in Corinth is a sight for those who appreciate history and architecture. As a child, Dr. Mackie visited Santa Fe, New Mexico, and was attracted to the design elements of The Loretto Chapel. Inside the chapel’s magnificent structure remains a spiral staircase that was built in the 19th century. Providing access to the choir loft, it was built by an unnamed individual who spent six months creating the Miraculous Staircase as it is known. With two 360-degree revolutions and void of any nails, it remains a modern engineering marvel.

Dr. Mackie’s intrigue with this particular chapel led her to incorporate many of the same wood and stone elements, creating an environment that exudes comfort for patients. Similar to the unique engineering the unnamed individual used to create the Miraculous Staircase, Dr. Mackie incorporates innovative and advanced technologies to create a more comfortable, efficient, and enjoyable experience for those visiting her office. If you would like to see what kind of environment you and your family can expect at Loretto Family Dentistry, take a look at the images below.