Cosmetic Dentist Corinth

Erase Imperfections & Beautify Your Smile

Your smile leaves a lasting first impression and can make your confidence feel boosted or deflated. However, no matter what aesthetic dental flaws you face, Dr. Mackie has a variety of customized treatments that can transform your grin by erasing signs of damage, aging, and misalignment. We invite you to learn more about each of our cosmetic dentistry treatments in Corinth below, and if you see one that’s a good match for you, don’t hesitate to schedule a consultation.

Why Choose Loretto Family Dentistry for Cosmetic Dentistry?

  • Digital Smile Simulations Available
  • Comfort Amenities like Personal Music & Netflix
  • Dentist with Over a Decade of Experience


Woman smiling next to row of veneers held by cosmetic dentist in Corinth

Veneers are a versatile treatment that can erase a variety of dental flaws. Veneers themselves are thin, durable sheaths that are custom-designed to fit over individual teeth, so you can choose to repair however many teeth you’d like. They’re bonded onto the visible surface of prepared teeth, concealing discoloration, misalignment, damage, and misshapenness. They can be crafted from different materials, but many patients opt for porcelain veneers, as they have a beautiful, natural appearance and can last for 25 or more years with good dental hygiene.

Metal-Free Dental Restorations

Several white dental crowns and veneers on table next to dental mirrors

If you have an old metal filling or restoration that you want to have replaced, as it highlights which of your teeth have been damaged or decayed in the past, we offer excellent alternatives. Dr. Mackie uses extremely high-quality non-metal dental materials to craft her restorations, including ceramic, zirconia, and porcelain. These can all be customized to match the shade of surrounding teeth, allowing them to seamlessly integrate with the rest of your smile.

Cosmetic Dental Bonding

Close up of dental patient receiving cosmetic bonding on upper front tooth

Dental bonding is a cost-effective, non-invasive cosmetic dentistry treatment that offers fast results, typically within a single appointment! It’s the process of using composite resin, which is the same tooth-colored material we use to fill teeth, to rebuild and reshape the structure of chipped and misshapen teeth. It can also be used to conceal severe discoloration that can’t be treated with teeth whitening. An added perk is that Dr. Mackie is an artist as well as a dentist, meaning you can trust that the results will look excellent and lifelike!

Teeth Whitening

Woman in dental chair receiving professional teeth whitening

Dental discoloration can happen due to eating certain foods, as a natural result of aging, and more. Dr. Mackie uses the highly recommended and effective professional-grade KöR teeth whitening system to erase even the most stubborn stains either in-office or from the comfort of your own home. She also offers Opalescence teeth whitening system for take-home whitening. Both of these systems can help erase even the deepest stains in teeth to provide you with a smile that’s up to eight shades brighter.

BOTOX & Dermal Fillers

Dentist gesturing to blonde woman smiling in treatment chair

Dr. Mackie offers an adjunct to smile designs using dermal fillers to enhance smiles and even out the lips when clear aligners, veneers, and cosmetic bonding alone are not enough to do the trick. BOTOX and other neurotoxins are used oftentimes in conjunction with occlusal splints for TMJ sufferers and bruxers in order to relax chewing and clenching muscles and buffer the extreme forces exerted on the TMJ and teeth.

Smile Makeovers

Close up of flawless smile with straight white teeth

If there are several different types of aesthetic dental issues that you would like to address but aren’t sure where to start, a smile makeover in Corinth may likely be the best option for you. During this process, Dr. Mackie will gain a better picture of your smile goals and concerns through a one-on-one consultation. This will allow her to devise a custom-tailored treatment plan that can include two or more of our restorative or cosmetic dentistry services. Before you move forward with treatment, we can also show you what the final results will look like using our digital smile simulation software, taking any guessing out of the process.