Teeth Whitening Corinth

Giving Your Teeth a Chance to Shine

Are your teeth not so pearly white? We at Loretto Family Dentistry can help. We perform professional teeth whitening in Corinth at an affordable rate. We have helped many of our clients restore their smiles over the years, and we will be delighted to help give you your smile back, too. Using KoR and Opalescence teeth whitening systems, you can enjoy whiter teeth with in house whitening or take home kits and can expect beautiful results in less time, so call us to schedule your consultation today!

Why Choose Loretto Family Dentistry for Teeth Whitening?

  • Two Types of Teeth Whitening Available
  • Trusted Cosmetic Dentist Here to Brighten Smiles
  • Flexible Financing Available

Why Do Teeth Darken?

Dentist holding shade guide to a patients teeth

Teeth become discolored for many reasons. As dentists, we classify teeth discoloration into two categories: extrinsic and intrinsic discoloration. Extrinsic discoloration originates from outside the tooth. The leading cause is smoking. Foods, especially those with dyes, coffee, wine, and tea, also cause staining of the teeth.

Intrinsic discoloration originates from the inside of the tooth. The main cause is aging. As we grow old, the outer layer of the tooth, the enamel, wears out, exposing the inner layers which have a darker shade.

Other causes of intrinsic discoloration include childhood illness, certain types of medication, tooth trauma, and infection. Unlike extrinsic discoloration, intrinsic staining requires professional tooth bleaching to restore the original level, or better, of tooth whiteness. Our team of experts will consider the exact cause of the discoloration when considering which treatment to use.

In-Office Teeth Whitening

Woman in dental chair receiving professional teeth whitening in Corinth

Professional teeth whitening refers to visiting a dentist for teeth bleaching. Our dentists whiten teeth by either using bleaching or non-bleaching products. Our bleaching products contain peroxide, which helps in the removal of both surface and deep staining. These products improve the natural color of teeth and can take it up to 12 shades whiter. Non-bleaching products use chemical or physical processes to remove surface stains. Non-bleaching products are not effective in removing deep stains.

Professional teeth whitening  at our office is called chairside bleaching, and can involve between 1 and 4 visits. At each visit, our dentist will apply K?R whitening treatment to your teeth. We may use a special light to enhance the results of the bleaching agent. The typical chairside visit lasts between 1-2 hours while you enjoy Netflix or your favorite music.

Take-Home Teeth Whitening

Woman placing whitening tray over her teeth in front of mirror

At our dental office, we use Opalescence and KoR to whiten teeth. As a customized take-home kit, you will be instructed to wear the trays in combination with the bleaching gel that is provided. Each day for two weeks, you can expect to gradually notice an improvement in the color of your teeth as stains are eliminated thanks to the high-grade whitening gel. After two weeks, you will see dramatic results that help you to feel more confident in your appearance.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Teeth Whitening?

Smiling woman sitting in dental chair

Just about anybody can qualify for teeth whitening. The process is harmless with no lasting side effects, other than having pearly white teeth. Some people do find the procedure uncomfortable, so it is not advisable for young children. Even people with severe discoloration can come in for teeth whitening treatment. Even if we cannot restore your teeth to their original whiteness, we can at least help to improve their appearance.

Our team will consult with you before approving any treatment to be sure that the procedure is right for you. You are also free to ask any questions that you might have, and we will be more than happy to answer them for you.

If you want to get your teeth whitened, then you are more than welcome to drop by any time. To book an appointment, please call Loretto Family Dentistry at (940) 287-3535 today. We can’t wait to hear from you so that we can help you with any dental issues you might have.