About Our Corinth Dental Office

The Loretto Story

As a child, Dr. Mackie traveled to Santa Fe, New Mexico on two occasions, each time visiting The Loretto Chapel. This chapel is particularly notable due to its famous “Miraculous Staircase” which was built in the latter part of the 19th century as a means of providing access to the chapel’s choir loft, which was previously made inaccessible due to the unexpected death of the chapel’s architect during construction


After 9 days of prayer, the chapel’s nuns welcomed an unnamed individual dedicating himself to constructing a staircase with the condition that he be provided peace and solitude to complete his work. After six months of construction, the unnamed individual unexpectedly departed leaving behind him an elegant spiral staircase which completes two 360 degree revolutions, is entirely made out of wood, has no visible structural support, and did not have a single nail used in its construction. By all accounts this staircase is a marvel of engineering even by today’s standards.

Our Corinth dental office began interior construction in December 2011 and was designed with the comfort of each patient in mind. In addition to a pleasing atmosphere adorned with wood, stone, and evocative elements of the original chapel, Loretto Family Dentistry placed a concerted focus on outfitting our office with the most current and technologically advanced equipment.

We understand the dental experience can, for some patients, be emotionally taxing and stressful. This is why we are pleased to provide you with luxuries ranging from ceiling mounted flat screen televisions outfitted with Direct TV in each patient room, to A-Dec 500 premium comfort dental chairs.

At Loretto Family Dentistry, we are confident you and your family will find a dental practice you are comfortable visiting and, more importantly, a dental office you can trust. Please schedule an appointment and visit our office.