Dental Cleanings Corinth

Getting Rid of Plaque for Healthier Smiles

When you come for a dental cleaning in Corinth at Loretto Family Dentistry, we perform a professional procedure beyond the routine dental brushing and flossing that you do at home. Professional dental cleaning involves the removal of plaque and tartar from your teeth. Receiving professional cleaning twice each year helps remove  plaque in places where your home toothbrush does not reach. If you’re ready to give your teeth the attention they deserve, call our office today.

Why Choose Loretto Family Dentistry for Dental Cleanings?

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Why a Professional Dental Cleaning Is Important

Close up of person receiving a professional dental cleaning in Corinth

However attentive you might be with your home dental hygiene practices, some food particles wedge between your teeth. With time, plaque interacts with the acid in your mouth and turns into tartar, also known as calculus. Only our experts can rid your teeth of calculus, which explains why you need professional cleaning.

Teeth cleaning is also meant to eliminate bacteria from your mouth to prevent dental cavities, gingivitis, or severe gum disease known as periodontitis. Advanced gum disease can cause adverse consequences such as tooth loss and extreme gum damage, leaving your tooth root exposed. The root cause of all these problems is bacteria, and our team is skilled at ensuring a thorough cleaning, removing harmful buildup from the enamel and root surfaces of your teeth. Some patients require more frequent periodontal care to ensure long-term health and wellness.

If you have dentures or artificial l teeth, our professional dental cleaning includes removal of plaque, tartar, and other debris from their surfaces to prolong their longevity and improve their appearance.

The Process of a Dental Cleaning

Dental team member giving a patient a dental cleaning

All dental cleaning procedures at our clinic commence with a dental examination. Our specialist examines your teeth to determine the extent of plaque and tartar buildup in order to diagnose the type of cleaning you need..

A prophylaxis is the typical cleaning that will be done when you make your routine dental visit and if you have no dental issues. It involves identifying the extent of tartar buildup using the dental mirror and removing the tartar using a scaler to leave your teeth free of plaque and less exposed to bacteria. Scaling and root planing is a type of professional cleaning performed in the presence of gum disease. 

Scaling involves a deep cleaning to remove tartar while planing smooths the tooth root beneath your gum to allow the gingiva to reattach to the tooth. A gross debridement is reserved for patients who have never had a  professional teeth cleaning or have gone many years without a cleaning and checkup.  . Tooth debridement is usually done as a preparatory procedure to rid your teeth of heavy tartar buildup prior to  a precise dental examination.

When your teeth are tartar-free, a professional will use an electric handpiece and toothpaste to gently scrub and polish your teeth. Your teeth are then flossed and your mouth rinsed to eliminate any debris.

We conclude your dental cleaning with a fluoride treatment to strengthen the enamel and help your teeth fight bacteria. Whichever type of dental cleaning you might need, please feel free to visit us. You can also call Loretto Family Dentistry at (940) 287-3535 to schedule your next dental cleaning.