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Tooth Extraction

Woman holding cheek due to tooth acheAt Loretto Family Dentistry, it’s our mission to promote preventative dental treatment to help maintain you and your family’s smile forever. However, it isn’t always possible to save every tooth. After exploring all other dental care options, tooth extraction is usually a last resort. When you need a tooth removed, you can count on our caring team to make the process as painless and comfortable as possible.

A tooth extraction is usually needed when your tooth is decayed, cracked, broken, or has serious alignment problems. While most extractions are performed on adults, sometimes children also need tooth extractions. In that case, you can rely on our professional pediatric dentists to perform a quick, easy, and painless treatment on your kid.

The Best Candidates

If you’ve got damaged or broken teeth due to decay, our team of dentists will do all they can to fix it with a filling, crown, or dental bonding. If the damage is too severe or these efforts fail, you may need a tooth extraction. In addition, you may require a tooth extraction to take out teeth that can’t fit in the mouth. This includes third molars, commonly called wisdom teeth, which form around ages 17-21.

In older kids, baby teeth that haven’t fallen out by themselves might need to be extracted, so they don’t get in the way of permanent teeth. If you’re receiving braces or considering Invisalign®, a tooth extraction will make space for other teeth while they shift into their right position.

Tooth Extraction Process

If you need your tooth pulled out, there are various ways to carry out the procedure. Firstly, we’ll numb your mouth area, so you don’t feel any pain. During the procedure, you’ll feel pressure but should otherwise remain comfortable and relaxed.

If your tooth is mature and has emerged through the gums, our dental equipment will help us pull out the tooth. Afterward, we’ll thoroughly clean the area and use gauze to stem the bleeding as you heal. If your tooth’s still under the surface or it’s impacted, as is seen in wisdom teeth, you’ll need oral surgery to remove it.

When performing this treatment in our office, we usually create a flap by making an incision in your gums. We then gently lift this flap to access your impacted tooth. In general, we can shift the tooth and pull it out of its socket. If there is tissue or bone over the tooth, it’ll first need to be removed. If your tooth is especially stubborn and doesn’t budge, we may need to shatter it into pieces and take it out that way. Once we’ve removed the tooth from the socket, we’ll thoroughly clean the area before placing the flap back down and suturing it in place. We’ll then use gauze to halt the bleeding.

If you need an emergency tooth extraction after being in an accident or you want to remove your wisdom teeth, please Loretto Family Dentistry at (940) 287-3535 to discuss your treatment choices. Our team of dentists can carry out simple and even surgical extractions to maintain your oral health.
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If you need a tooth extraction, including your wisdom teeth, please call Loretto Family Dentistry in Corinth, TX, to schedule an appointment at (940) 287-3535.
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