Loretto Family Dentistry offers several options when it comes to whitening those sometimes not-so-pearly whites. We use the KöR® whitening system which usually includes custom trays and gel to be worn during the day or at night. Depending on the starting point and desired end results, in-office whitening session/s may be done as well. Most whitening systems can cause reversible sensitivity but the KöR® system works to combat sensitivity through various methods including specially made trays and application of a liquid desensitizer throughout the bleaching process. The KöR® system prides itself upon the ability to lighten even tetracycline-stained teeth.

For teens and those needing quick touch-ups, Loretto Family Dentistry also offers Opalescence® Go, preloaded whitening trays.


Those suffering tooth damage or loss due to cavities, breakage, and wear, may be candidates for white fillings (often referred to as composite resin fillings) or crowns. Fillings replace a portion of the tooth that is defective whereas a crown encircles the tooth to replace the structural integrity in cases where there is advanced tooth structure loss or where great loss is anticipated as in cases with large existing fillings and cavities.

Loretto Family Dentistry places only white fillings which are bonded to the tooth surfaces. The tooth or area to be treated is anesthetized (numbed) and any defective or decayed tooth structure is removed. The area is properly isolated and different solutions are added to the tooth to cleanse it and prepare it for the adhesive (glue) which will hold the white filling in place. The white filling with its dough-like consistency, is pressed into the prepared tooth and a UV light is used to cure or harden the material. It is then smoothed, and the bite is checked to ensure it is even with the rest of the teeth. White fillings have grown in popularity as they are a strong, natural-looking alternative to amalgam (silver) fillings.