Professional dentists recommend a routine teeth cleaning twice a year. Teeth Cleaning at Loretto Dentistry is one of the ways we ensure a happy, healthy smile every visit.

As your Dental Hygienist gets started, they will examine the health of your mouth.

Then we start the plaque removal using specialized tools. Tartar and build up must be removed by your hygienist, since they cannot be brushed or flossed away at home.

To remove all the tartar, specific toothpaste is used. Our hygienists eliminate all the remaining tartar with an electric brush.

Deep flossing is crucial, since we’ve polished the teeth already. Flossing gets those tough to reach spots before we rinse and apply fluoride.

After a quick rinse, we can now apply the fluoride treatment. Our hygienists will get you a few different flavor choices. The fluoride creates a shield, preventing cavities. It’s worth being patient for the minutes that the fluoride needs to properly clean and protect.

Your teeth are not the only important part of your mouth. Your gums are essential to oral hygiene as well. We can provide periodontal cleanings and treatment, or refer you to one of our recommended specialists.

Now that your teeth are squeaky clean, why not consider teeth whitening?

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